Every one of us experiences moments when we see something and our eyes suddenly widen, we gasp involuntarily, and we smile all the way up to our eyebrows.

Igniting this feeling is the core goal of my work.

I've always been a sap for a visual challenge, whether it's a jigsaw puzzle, finding four-leaf clovers, or attempting to illustrate pure dignity using a wad of clay. Curiosity keeps asking over and over "What would it look like if...?" and I spend nearly all day, every day, working out answers. 

If you like my work, I know from experience that these things are probably true of you:

          You seek a smooth and harmonious flow in every aspect of life.

          You sense the unique personalities of individual animals, and you can at least imagine the personalities of plants and inanimate objects. 

          The natural world has at least once kindled in you a deep feeling of awe.

These things are true of me too. They inform everything I make. I think all of humanity yearns for conscious communion with the natural world, including with each other. I also believe reawakening to, and participating consciously in, the ongoing miracle that is the Earth is not only possible, it's the Next Big Thing for us. Because it has to be.

My contribution to that global quest is to make things that remind people ever-so-gently that they've been deeply connected to the living community of the planet all along. I know I've helped our species find our way back home by just a teeny tiny bit every time someone responds with that gasp of recognition and big smile of delight.


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