curriculum vitae

Selected objects, images, and other activities over the last 40 years.


Original sculpture designs licensed, manufactured, and sold by:


Senior Sculptor, Monumental Construction & Moulding Co., Washington D.C. 1981-1986: sites of installation include:

  • The National Theater, Wash. D.C.
  • The Hay-Adams Hotel, Wash. D.C.
  • The Philips Collection Gallery, Wash. D.C.
  • The Washington Times Bldg. Wash. D.C.
  • The Phoenix Park hotel, Wash. D.C.

Commissioned Sculpture 1986-present for:

  • Marriott Hotel, Montreal, Canada
  • The Way Station, Frederick, MD
  • Residence of Gianni Versace, Miami Beach, FL
  • Residence of Frederick Hart, Woodstock, VA
  • Residence of Linda Carter and Robert Altman, Potomac, MD
  • Residence of Celine Dion, Miami Beach, FL
  • Wayne Fox, portrait bust, Clifton, VA
  • “Community Bridge” trompe l’oeil mural, designs & models, Frederick, MD
  • Zaruba Jewelry Studio, Frederick, MD

Solo retrospective show "Earthlings" in 2015, at Expanding Heart Center Gallery, Frederick, MD.

Exhibitor in juried shows:

  • The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, Frederick MD
  • The Washington County Arts Council, Hagerstown MD
  • Frederick Arts Festival, Frederick MD
  • Annmarie Gardens Arts Fair, Calvert County MD
  • The Anderson Gallery, Richmond VA

Invitational Exhibits in Frederick MD presented by the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center and the Historical Society of Frederick County;

  • Faces of Frederick
  • Victorian Era Toys

Set design and fabrication:

  • Screamland Farms, Frederick, MD
  • "Take the Maglev" video
  • Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center: Community Bridge Mural opening show; Frederick MD
  • Beaux Arts Ball, Frederick MD
  • The Mondo Breakfast Show, Arlington VA

Contributor to International Fiber Collaborative projects:

  • “The Dream Rocket” Wrapping 385’ Space Launch System replica rocket with handmade quilt
  • “Interdependence” Tree project

Inventor of the Finishing Needle; licensed, manufactured, and sold by Susan Bates/ Coats Inc. 

  • US patent #7669441
  • UK patent # GB2475987,
  • Canadian Patent # 2,729,954.


Illustration/ Graphics/ Logo Design/ animation clients:

  • US Defense Logistics Agency- Animator “Your Best Friend” series
  • NASA- Co-Animator “Energy Revolution”, a NASA production for Science on a Sphere program
  • Headstart Program video- animation
  • Action Products, medical supply company -photography
  • Farm and Equine Services- photography and graphics
  • The Common Market Food Coop- Graphics, and winner of T-shirt design contest
  • Cynthia Wilcox PhD., psychologist- logo and other graphics
  • Veggie Annie, personal Chef- logo and other graphics
  • Misty Starr Alpacas- logos
  • Chocolate Chopsticks, arts biz- logo
  • Eitra Kennedy, musician-  album covers
  • Villa Barizi, Kenyan estate- graphics
  • True to You, fashion consultation- logo
  • TropicalClinics- illustrations
  • Privately commissioned tattoo flash of The Five Elements sculpture
  • Let Your Art Flow, creativity coach- logo
  • Gfx / CAPS, motion graphic design- animation, illustration, collaboration 
  • Connecting Link Magazine- illustrations
  • Potomac Valley Greens’ publication “Power Plant”- Masthead and other graphics


  • Co-creator, set designer, propmaster, puppeteer “The Mondo Breakfast Show”, Arlington VA, 1984-1986:
  • Recipient “Ammy” Craft Award for set design, Arlington Community TV1985, “Ammy” for best variety program 1985, “Ammy” for humor, 1986
  • Songwriter, vocalist Seventh Dawn: 1973-1980 Albums: “Sunrise”, “Dreams”, 2010 Album: “Wakenings”