An homage to the timeless wisdom of Hinduism.


In a near-perfect sphere of clear glass, all the rays of light that enter the ball’s surface pass straight through the very center of the ball and out the opposite side, together creating an inverted, but exact, image on the surface of the opposite side. This happens from all directions at the same time, and not only to visible light. That means in the tiny point in the center, at any given instant, all these wavelengths of light energy coexist peacefully. To me this makes a clear glass sphere a tangible symbol of intangible unity. 

This sphere sits like a drop of life-giving water on a heart-shaped leaf atop the base. The bottom-most leaves evoke traditional carved-stone lotus leaves, becoming as they spiral upwards more plant-like, and finally their shape is echoed by cobras. This reference to stone, plant, and animal forms represents the physical substance of the Earth, eagerly and rhythmically exploring the limitless possibilities of form, both animate and inanimate.  

Together, this glass sphere and its base form a Shivalinga, a central symbol of Shaiva Hinduism, for the dynamic harmony between the masculine (unmanifest potential) and feminine (manifest in matter): energies that shape our lives.